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Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece
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About Tinos Eco Lodge

Hello there,

In 2015 a group of four people, opened up the "Tinos Eco Lodge" on the island of Tinos (Cyclades/Greece).

A short description: We purchased a piece of land in a rural area of the island and built 2 stone houses which we plan to rent out to visitors. During construction we always considered the key elements of sustainable building and implemented them wherever it was feasible by:
- Using natural stone from the island and/or plot
- Installing solar panels to supply all our energy needs
- Installing a reed-bed system for purifying sewage
- Reusing processed water
- Building a large cistern to collect rainwater
- Creating a large vegetable garden

Apart from renting the houses to tourists we intend to make the location available for seminars. Currently, we are reaching out to teachers looking for the right location for their specific projects or seminars (e.g. permaculture, agriculture in dry climate zones to name but a few topics).
The island and area around the plot are characterized by extensive terraces, stonewalls, olive groves, as well as agricultural and livestock production. The summers are very dry with quite strong winds coming in off the sea. These are just some aspects of the diverse island landscape.
From spring 2016 we will also have ready a communal outdoor kitchen, simple showers, compost toilets as well as a dedicated seminar area.
In the coming years it is our aim to increase our agricultural activity and capacity and to have space for creating and experimenting with sustainable and ecological ways and ideas of living with and from nature. It is our aim to involve and motivate locals to work and create with us so we can learn from them and vice versa.

So, if we have triggered some interest we would be very happy to hear from you.

As for the moment..............All the best!

Kind regards,
Marilia Kalouli
[email protected]

The Eco lodge Team


Autumn PDC 2017 Greece

Posted over 6 years ago (0 comments)

Autumn Full PDC in Tinos island

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My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Rod Everret
Other Teachers: Mill Millchap, Marios Desyllas
Location: Seliana, Achaia, Greece
Date: Jul 2012

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