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Jamie Conway
Brasilia, DF, Brazil
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Wet/Dry Tropical
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About Jamie Conway

Hi, I'm a British born landscape architect based in Brasil. I spent the majority of my early years mooching around the planet looking at everything and wondering about it all in a windmill watching kind of way. While doing so, I picked up a couple of useful skills I suppose, and an awful lot of bad habits, all of which allow me a hightened spirit of adventure on a daily basis.

My introduction to the patterns of nature occurred while living in Thailand some 25yrs ago. I recognize it everywhere and apply it in it's fullest sense to everything that I'm involved with, not 'just' the landscape. "Permaculture" per say, I didn't really get involved with until I was studying to become a landscape architect a bit later. I'd heard about a movement to reproduce the patterns of nature within a more agricultural field and was drawn to it immediately, from where I adopted, selected & divided the methodology into all of my design-work when and where it worked, with or without my clients knowledge.

Now? - well - 'now' I wouldn't really call what I get upto "permaculture" particularly, for fear of upsetting someone. Although, if you look closely enough you will encounter ALL of its principles, mixed in with a myriad of others, in several overlapping natural & modified systems for spacial development - the objective of which is to help mankind re-recollect himself as an integral part of the biosphere, the design of which, from my behalf, is there to benefit everything.


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