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Lucy Gabzdyl
Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain
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About Lucy Gabzdyl

I and my partner David love permaculture! I've been experimenting with hugel beds, composting techniques and worm farms on a small scale for the last 3 years, David has been experimenting with fermenting, preserving, making natural cleaning products etc. We are now ready to get our own place.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was someone in the permaculture community in Spain scouting for properties suitable for new permies!

We have a land purchasing budget of 5.000 - 10.000 euros and are looking for a plot that has:

• At least 2.000 m2, bigger if budget permits, anywhere in Spain.

• Access to sufficient water on site (well/cisterns/mains/spring etc). Mains electricity is very desirable. Internet is a plus.

• No hard frosts and preferably a Mediterranean climate

• Permission to site a non-permanently attached 60 m2 mobile home (we have a Hergohome). We would also consider selling the prefab which would increase our budget by 20.000 euros, but the plot would need permission for some sort of onsite living (we would be OK living in a 15 m2 “tool shed” if necessary).

• Access to “civilisation” where we can buy groceries, check emails etc., within walking distance (max 6km) or a suitable bus service as we prefer not to have to run a private car.

• Reasonable access by road for visitors, deliveries etc.

• Had as little pesticides and pollution in the past as possible

Would love to be close to other permies to share info, seeds and support.

We're also open to renting or sharing.

Other information:

• We're a mature couple who prefer peace and tranquility to wild parties!

• We believe good food is central to our (so far excellent) health and our ultimate goal would be to raise the majority of our food including chickens, and eventually goats and maybe a piggie :)

• We're used to roughing it a bit (don't put heating on until it drops below 10 degrees, David showers in cold water etc.)

• We do have a tiny personal income that has been covering our grocery and utility bills, so we don't have to make a living from the land.

• We are both originally from the UK but have been living in Spain for many years. I speak fluent Spanish, David has quite a good understanding of Spanish but needs practice speaking.

• We both have a background in running courses varying from all things financial through dancing to healthy eating, meditation and EFT. David is brilliant with computers and uses free software to repurpose old computers that would otherwise go in landfill. He’s also great at designing websites and posters.


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