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Doug Fossmeyer
Deer Park, WA, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Doug Fossmeyer

I am a rural dweller working in a tech job in a urban setting. We have 21 acres and are actively altering the site for sustainable living, wildlife and enjoyment.

I found the Permaculture II booklet about 15 yrs ago. It intrigued me. After moving to our current location and attempting to make the place into a landscapers dream (nightmare more like), we decided that mowing grass and weeding flower beds all day long is kinda silly. With climate change and peak oil we decided to completely revise our plan.

Current permaculture project is to design how this will all work and fit into our current site. We have completed a barn, small green house, raised beds, etc. But we are missing a plan, a design. So that is what we are attempting to do now. From getting water up from a creek with a solar pump and then a series of 'ponds' taking said water as well as run off, migrating them downward to the lower end of the property. Creating spaces where we can maximize plant and animal interaction with intensive growing/farming. Minimizing our impact on the other parts of the property. All in all, a lot of WORK.

It's a great site, just wish more folks who think like us would move into our very private little development.


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