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Hoda Adra


  • Joined: 16/05/2011
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Climate Zone: Mediterranean
  • Gender: Female
  • Web site: www.vimeo.com/hoda

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    Al Baydha Project Marda Permaculture Farm, Palestine Jardin Collectif de Saint-Jérôme - Collective Garden of Saint-Jerome



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About Hoda Adra

I grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with practically no contact with nature. I moved to Montreal at 17 where I discovered its parks, its royal mountain in the middle of the city and the urban wilderness that springs around the old train tracks.
I studied business ethics for 2 years and quickly realized my strengths lie in my creativity, and my path switched to the art world. I am a writer, photographer, filmmaker and mandala artist, and my source of inspiration is nature in its tiniest details.

I found out about permaculture through my research on Buckminster Fuller and design science. I got excited at the idea of such a practice that incorporates values that are humanistic, intuitive and common sense, in relation to nature and the way we organize our systems.

This led me to take a UPDC in Montreal, Quebec. I also collaborated in the re-design of the Cantaloup Garden in NDG (YMCA). It was a traditional horticulture garden to which we applied permaculture design principles, creating keyholes and re-fertilizing its soil with mulching.

I attended and strongly recommend the Regenerative Urban Sustainability Training (R.U.S.T.) offered by Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew at the Radix Center in Albany, NY.

I am looking to gain more hands-on experience all while helping out and meeting people who share the excitement of collaborating with nature.
I am also available to document permaculture projects through photography, film, drawings, writing and blogging.