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Bodil Kreativ Joergensen
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Nibe, Denmark
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Cool Temperate

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Mike Mubaya Peter Hjorth
Anne Moloney Candela Vargas Poveda Cathrine Dolleris Cecilie Lykke Christensen Christoffer Hajn Nedergaard Dan  Fisker Geoff Lawton Gitte Fruensgaard Møller Jais Hammerlund Jonas Holm Rasmussen Kalle Nielsen Kristian Skjødt Lene Andersen Marc Sune Thomsen Mathias Damgaard-Iversen Niels Munk Vita Jessen
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About Bodil Kreativ Joergensen

Creative in many ways. Music, drums, sprituality, articles, video, permaculture, designs, handcraft and many more interests makes my life a fun journey :-)

Educations, courses and skills that effects permaculture:
- Self-help therapist course, Spring 1982. AOF Copenhagen.
- Womens House Copenhagen, volountaiy grassroot work, organising events. 1983-1987
- Alment Voksenpædagogisk Grundkursus, Basic Teaching of Adults Training Course, May 1984, ved Københavns Amts Voksenpædagogiske Center.
- Organic Gardening at Kvindehøjskolen, Fall 1987.
- Biopath/naturopath, special knowledge in nutrition. Final exam 1991 fra Institut for Biologisk Medicin og Biopatskolen.
- Restoring old farmhouse, with 3.44 acres. Since1991.
- Organic gardening since 1991.
- Course in building Finnish mass oven, Fyn 1991. Teacher Lars Helbro.
- Worked at a factory buildning solar systems. Aidt Miljø 1991-1993.
- Partial engineer education at Aalborg University, inclusive project managing, with projects in Organic Buildings; strawbale houses and clay buildings etc.1993-1996.
- social project; Halkær Kro organic inn, and commonhouse with folk music. Organising structures for volountary workers and events. 1993-1995
- havinge WWOOF'ers since 2015
- Came across Permaculture and started Permaculture transistion from November 2015.
- Two PDC courses 2016
- 85 meters of swales 2017

- Spokeswoman for Foreningen Permakultur Nibe (Association Permaculture Nibe)


My Permaculture Qualifications
Permakultur Design Kursus (PDC)
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Cathrine Dolleris
Other Teachers: Karoline Nolsø Aaen, Tycho Holcomb, Niels Corfield
Location: Denmark, Friland
Date: Mar 2016
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Dan Fisker
Location: Denmark, Aalborg
Date: May 2016

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