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Four years ago I made a vow that I would be in service to this planet and all the life on it. This vow has led me to inhabit a ecovillage in Texas for nearly two years. I learned so many things from that land and its people. I ended up, for many reasons changing the name I go by to Apollo. I felt the call to the bigger world around me, I felt a call to spread my wings and fly to all the other ecovillages of the world to give my blood, sweat, and tears to our cause. Shortly after realizing this, I came into contact with GreenFire Ecoministry( ) . They offered me a ambassador position as a ordained minister. I have recently gone on my first ecovillage tour on the east coast in spring of 2016. I got to visit cool places like the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm and Earthaven. I also was taking the Geoff Lawton Online PDC and I completed it after I got back to GreenFire's headquarters. I now look at the land in a completely new way. I have been reborn into the potential that is Permaculture, I plan to keep doing ecovillage and Permaculture tours around the world in effort to educated myself on how we can all save ourselves from ourselves.


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