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Jamie Meredith
Madison, TN, United States
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Warm Temperate

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Camp Creek Farm
Geoff Lawton William Powell
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About Jamie Meredith

Greetings!! We are the Meredith family - Jamie, Mel, Jensen and Maddie. And we are preparing to live full time on the road in a converted school bus. We are about 60 days out from our departure (As of Jan 25, 2017). Currently we reside in Nashville, TN, but our plan is to head south in the late winter and then chase 70 degree weather throughout the United States.

We are specifically looking to connect with farms and families throughout the United States who are willing to let us stop by and experience their life for a short period of time. In exchange we each offer something to help build community and add value to connecting with the world around us.

A Little About Us
I, Jamie, am a finish carpenter and fabricator, software engineer, beekeeper, marketing consultant and lover of good beer.

My wife, Mel, is an amazing cook, master of all things financial, a knitter, Minecraft wizz and loves to grow things to cook!

The kiddos Jensen (9) and Maddie (8) are excited, loving, adventurous, respectful and most of all crazy interested in learning new things. They are not afraid of hard work and love to be a part of whatever is going on around them.

If you think our family might be a good fit and you need an extra set of hands around, please reach out to us and let us know. You can find us online at mostexcellentfamilyadventure.com .


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