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London, United Kingdom
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Richard Higgins, raised on a Somerset farm in the UK, attained his NDA (degree equivalent) at the Royal Berkshire College of Agriculture. Later he completed a ten year post graduate study of the works of Sir Albert Howard, the grandfather of organic farming, teaching from Hawaii to China. He presented the Howard (memorial) Lecture 2009 at Coventry University for 'Nigeria to Go Organic.' Transcript: responded to by HRH The Prince of Wales. He spent three months at the Haiti earthquake disaster establishing the Howard Higgins System of rendering human waste into fertilizer in 30-90 days. (film available). He is a world leading exponent in this field. He has recently undertaken a two week survey of agriculture in Mozambique with a view to install The Howard Higgins System of 'Sanitation to Agriculture'. He has recently set up a Centre of Excellence and teaching for NGO workers and budding Permaculturists that demonstrates the use of human sanitation to food crops in 90 days which produces abundantly healthy crops that require no sprays of any kind and which can produce 3-4 crops a year on the same land, at Well End Permaculture International. He has designed and developed the Thermo Bin Hot Box which renders organic waste streams safe and kills pathogens in 14 days. The system adds Bio char + NITROGEN which equals TERRA PRETA.

His literary release in India, is an update of one of Howards world classics of the work he performed 100 years ago and is now called THE LOST SCIENCE OF ORGANIC CULTIVATION. (see Web site)


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