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Joey Madoc de Borst 's Profile
Joey Madoc de Borst
Mailberg, Österreich, Austria
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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Living Among Nature

Living Among Nature

Mailberg, AT

Geoff Lawton
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About Joey Madoc de Borst

I'm Joey. I'm with a dog and bees. Gardening, Beekeeping and Mycology are my ways with Permaculture.

The Project is in a village called Mailberg with about 550 permanent inhabitants in the north of Austria. The village lays within a valley with grape yards all around. And on the highest point is a forest. In the forest I have 1900 m² ground which I'm turning into an edible forest garden. I maintain another 1100 m² of orchard polyculture.
I try to use as much as possible resources directly from the land to create small projects, such as hügelculture, terraces and ponds. I tend to avoid plastics.

I let the bees buld their own wax and they survive on honey.

All the produce is 100% organic and maintained after the principles of Permaculture.


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