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after i retired i came to panama with the Peace Corps in 2001.

the end of 2006 i bought 10 hectares of nice riverfront land and 2 of my PC buddies recommended that i look into Permaculture stuff. So i bought a bunch of books. With a great panamanian right hand man , we are doing some really neat stuff. I am starting to get the idea.

see my website which will lead u to videos in english and spanish. also a websithe in spanish

The Perezoso Project Helps the Community; The last 30 months:
Tours and talks have been given to many schools and organizations and community groups including the Peace Corps, Sustainable Harvest International, Lions Club, University of Panama, Panama Health Department, Puentes and MIDA. The 60 facilitators at Maestro en la Casa reported that ours was the best presentation of the day.
The first Peace Corps group which trained at the farm told PC management that it was the best training that they received during their 2 years. PEREZOSO TECHNIQUES produce.
Over 1000 visitors have come to the farm to learn how to produce more with less while minimizing garbage problems. People keep returning bringing their friends and relatives. When they see what we do, visitors often literally drop their jaws and say “WOW!”
Demonstration plots have been built at various schools (12) including IPHE and also at Hogar de Las Niñas, Hogar de Los Niños, and in the Penonome Park called the Eighth of December.
Possibly IPHE will move the agricultural part of the school to Penonome to work with the Perezoso Project.
Plots are planned for the University of Panama Cocle to convert the cafetería organic waste to edible food.
We will also plant a Food Forest behind the Health Department to show and inspire young mothers. Thanks to Professor Quiros, we will try to use model prisoners for the manual labor.
Interviews on Radio Familiar and Radio Hosana.
There have been articles in 5 newpapers including La Estrella.
I am in charge of the Lions Club enviromental projects from Arrijan to Santiago.
At the Malambo orphanage, we are training the workers and redesigning land use. The Lions Club is expected to donate $1000.00 to help fund the project.
The internet has excellent Perezoso videos and web sites in English and Spanish. Thanks to the volunteers that come from all over the world.
We are investigating doing a video in the Ngobe language.
Conversations continue with Puentes, a NGO from California, to locate an economically sustainable high school on the Perezosos land.
Bandera Azul group has certified Finca Los Perezosos. In conjunction with Bandera Azul, we have given talks in schools and to community facilitators in the Darien.


Compost, I knew better.

Ahhhh, the joys of really messed up compost

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