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David Trione
San Vito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Wet Tropical
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About David Trione

Renewabledavid demonstrated strong determination at age twelve as the youngest person to climb the ten tallest peaks of his native Oregon. With a love of peace and birds nurtured by his Mom and a keen curiosity for spirituality, science and technology from his dad, he grew up in a family of adventurers.
David experienced a wide variety of careers, including timber falling, arbor work, tree-planting, boat building, boiler room operation, and stockbroker before becoming an electrician. He ran his own company, Sound Power, for more than 15 years specializing in the installation of renewable energy systems.
In 2012, he and his wife Kristy relocated to a 33-acre dairy farm, degraded, eroded, but green, clean, and beautiful in Costa Rica. For six years, David and Kristy hosted work-exchange visitors at Patos Suertudos. More than 130 volunteers from 26 countries helped establish the Permaculture demonstration site; off-grid, solar powered, humanured, with food, medicinal and wood forests in co-creation with nature.
David brings the technical construction experience to Patos Suertudos with a large collection of tools and knowledge of how to use them. A stickler for safety, he enjoys most teaching others how to defy gravity by climbing trees and bicycling the hills to San Vito for groceries.
He is currently constructing a complicated solar cooking mirror, while managing construction, trail maintenance, and foresting.


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