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Joel Albertsson
Göteborg, Sweden
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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Jan Malmstrom
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About Joel Albertsson

I live in Gothenburg Sweden and just accuired a farm of 16 hectars 45 minutes outside of town together with my parents and a friend, we plan to get more people involved and run it as some sort of permaculture cooperation, the details of what form this will take is not clear yet, we are still observing and documenting, both the land and our relationships.

I divide my time between the farm and my city job which is as a tattooer. A good free craft where I decide over my own time. So I basically go to town and get money for doing a tribal ritual as ancient as man, which I love performing, on city folks that I can then invest in creating a permaculture farm. Good deal i'd say :)

I have done a PDC in poermacutlure for Aranya, check out his book Permaculture Design: A Step-By-Step Guide, here in Sweden and I have been wwoofing once at a fantastic permaculture garden called Kosters Trädgårdar (it means Kosters Gardens) at a beautiful island on the westcoast of Sweden right by Swedens only ocean national park. Check them out http://www.wwoof.se/se/gaardar/hem/kosters-traedgaardar/

Looking to meet permaculturists from all around and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills.



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