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Erik Bjornsen
Victoria, BC, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate
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About Erik Bjornsen

I have always been an observer of nature and fascinated with how complex and yet how simple each of it's elements interact with each other. I have a B.Sc, done my PDC as well as a food-forest course and run my own Landscape Contracting business of which I have ran workshops and installed sustainable landscapes. Permaculture as a concept has always been part of my life, but after taking the PDC my understanding of how to integrate it more practically in my life and others has expanded. Now I am making it my life goal to educate myself as well as freely share all that I have learned in hopes that the circle of knowledge will continue to be abundant.

I am excited about this movement and know that it is a community like this one that will help make huge positive changes in the world!

Right now I have been installing backyard veggie gardens, compost systems, chicken tractors and permaculture designs. I have also began to work with gravity feed drip irrigation as well as small scale aquaponics.

Looking forward to the future!
Peace and Love


My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Jesse Lemieux
Location: Victoria, BC
Date: May 2010
Other course verified
Food Forest Workshop
Type: Other
Verifying teacher: Javan Kerby Bernakevitch
Other Teachers: Richard Walker
Location: Victoria, BC
Date: Feb 2011

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