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shirley smiith
El Monte, CA, United States
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Have you been able to use Google’s Pool Party application? If no, then you could always consider using it. Pool Party is basically an application, which allows you to create photo pools of images clicked by a group of users for android buy installs for your app. So, the next time you undertake a trip to any of the location then all the people visiting along with you can click pictures using their Android mobile phones and share the images. These pictures will actually be shared between the groups in a pool. The application also allows friends who are a part of the pool to give their comments on all the pictures, receive notifications anytime a new photo is uploaded. The app offers activity stream that monitors all of this.

Pool Party is useful for those users who wish click and images easily. The app also gives an option of uploading images to other services using the Android share function. In addition to this, the Pool Party application has a design that is similar to the Google+ application. While, some people may not find Pool Party app really amazing, they must know one thing and that is for sure that it does not over-complicate things at all.


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