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The Tribe Project Goa
Agonda, Goa, India
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The Tribe Goa

The Tribe Goa

Agonda, IN

Geoff Lawton
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About The Tribe Project Goa

The Tribe is a Collective of 8 people active since 2016.

It’s as much the name of the project that brings us together in the middle of the tropical forest bordering the Western Ghats as it is the story of the fortuitous encounters that brought us together around the same observation: that something in the world is amiss. Concerned with ecological, social, cultural and economic challenges, the site also known as « the jungle » has grown into a daily living place as well as a free space animated by a broad range of practices and collaborations. Modelled on a tribal village, it spreads across 60,000m2 of jungle situated 5km from the Arabian Sea; a territory where flora struggles to survive, losing its hold in the face of ever expanding plantations of cashew nut, sugar cane, rice and pasture fields.

From a land turned barren by drought and invasive species, this ancient Konkani culture has become a home, a workplace and a playground giving free rein to experimentation, discovery and the study of our environment. Both a platform and an instrument, the jungle promotes exchange in order to bring to fruition ideas that too often get lost in theory. It offers an opportunity to put to practice to give birth to solutions, and facilitates encounters between individuals involved with such challenges. The jungle is therefore in a state of permanent mutation and synchronises in time with our evolving understanding.

Covering less than a third of the area on the site’s hill slope, the village flourishes around several parts; living spaces, work spaces, public spaces: the infrastructures disperse and regroup according to wishes, needs and constraints. Professionals, students, artists, researchers, friends, travelers, volunteers and families come together in this ecosystem, sharing if they choose their perspectives and knowledge, but also their support and energy for the initiative to prosper and unfold at every moment.

Local actions in the Kankon region include: Biodiversity - Wild Animals - Waste Management - Art - Architecture

To promote sustainable practices in agriculture, business and communities that contribute to the restauration of biodiversity in the Kankon region, the Collective and local partners co-founded the Kankon Restoration Alliance.

The structure’s aim is to bring together individuals, organisations, ressources and strategies to identify solutions to the main social and environmental problems facing the region.

Acting towards these objectives since the beginning, the Collective also set up a native plant nursery on site, a Wildlife Rescue service available 24h/7 all year and made concrete proposals to local authorities to address the inexistent management of waste in the region.


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PDC Tribe x SoilSunSoul '18
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Roman Eisenkoelbl
Other Teachers: Asanga Namal
Location: Agonda, South Goa, India
Date: Oct 2018
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