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A racial profiling essay from do my essay service can talk of traditional methods used by law enforcement bodies to isolate a criminal, or it can talk of new trends that seem to have evolved due to conflicts. In the US, the black community has had to face discrimination. They were exploited with racial profiling, though the situation post 9/11 has changed drastically. A social work essay would indicate that a particular race reacts to situations in a certain way. Law enforcement agencies have accumulated documents that help in solving crimes based on social profiling. A crime can be isolated to a particular location by using the technique. It is just a means to solve a crime and should not be understood otherwise.

The practice of identifying race has proved beneficial to seafarers who could travel to different parts of the world selling merchandise to people who they knew would purchase them. This happened because their predecessors had practiced racial profiling and recorded facts that affected trade. For example, conflict would be quite common between states within a country. A human rights essay would go further into whether it was related to racial or religious beliefs. A racial profiling essay would suggest that people also complied with dictates of a society in terms of style of living. Traders made notes on what they wore, ate, and believed in. Such details were used to introduce them to merchandise based on the racial profiling exercise.

What happened after 9/11 is sad but difficult to analyze. Discrimination due to race changed a bit. People turned their attention towards the “brown” community. They were treated with disdain, and almost everyone who had a name common in the Middle East was looked upon as a probable terrorist. Suspicion was the order of the day. A heinous act had been committed, and people reacted to it spontaneously. Only this time, an entire race was condemned for the crime. It does take time for wounds to heal. In this case it may take a very long time.

Racial profiling is quite common in other parts of the world. Society plays a big role in developing collective apathy towards individuals based on color, religion, or race. In some countries like India, it can be associated with wealth. Dowry has been banned in the country, but we still hear of dowry deaths. Sadly, young brides have resorted to suicide, sometimes within months of their marriage. The pressure is not just exerted by the husbands but his entire family. It is still not uncommon for two to three generations living in the same house. Social status is decided by the amount of wealth a family has. It can wield more power in society.

The racial profiling essay should also stress on the fact that certain communities are associated with the menial trade. A child labour essay would elaborate on how children of a supposedly “lower caste” are exploited for work. It may not be so obvious but is a well disguised form of racial profiling. Maybe, a direct approach would strike fear in the hearts of people trying to exploit loopholes in the system.


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