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Lynda Newnam
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Lynda Newnam

Guerrilla gardening in Redfern in the 80s and 90s with particular interest in Australian bushfoods. Became a volunteer guide at the Botanic Gardens in 1995 and have continued. Moved to La Perouse in 2000 with husband and 3 sons to live more sustainably. Joined the UNSW Ecoliving Centre. Established home permaculture garden. Volunteering and homeschooling (1994-2011) have been part of the living local mix. Volunteering has included environmental advocacy,writing an environment newsletter for local community centre where I am also part of the Permaculture & Sustainability team, and running a website - www.laperouse.info (Social Change NOT Climate Change)
I previously worked as Faculty Manager at UTS Business. Degrees are from Queensland University and University of Newcastle with a Diploma in Teaching from Newcastle and completed a Masters in Environmental Management in 2013. Have undertaken various short courses such as plant propagation and bush regeneration. I completed a Cert IV in OHS in 2010 and a Cert IV in Carbon Management in 2011.


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