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Sherwin Ycay
General Santos City, Sarangani, Philippines
Climate Zone:
Wet Tropical

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About Sherwin Ycay

I grow up in a farm where we produce what we eat, breath that fresh air and play in crystal clear river.
That paradise of my childhood is threatened by entry of multi-national monocrop and mining company.

I finished BS Agriculture (Agronomy) from Mindanao State University in General Santos and currently working as HSE Manager for an Oil and Gas Company in Abu Dhabi.

My intention is to claim that part of a peaceful and sustainable living, a piece of land, a house which is functional where all you need to live is within the bounds of your lot. Healthy and pesticide free vegetables, birds not doing drugs and a fertile earth.

I still need to learn more about Permaculture, my education in the 90's is filled commercialisation; hybrid seeds, inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and a culture of people who believes that "what is popular, is always right".


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