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Vera Pires
Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
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About Vera Pires

My name is Vera Pires, I am 28 years old and I am a Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Therapeutic Massage
Graduated in TCM from the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ESMTC), in Portugal (2014-2019) certified by the University of Nanjing in China
From an early age, my interest in Holistic Health and Herbal Medicine emerged through contact with my grandparents, who were born in the north of Portugal and are farmers by profession.
Among the blessings that my grandmothers made to the children of the village and the fields cultivated by my grandfathers, still in my childhood I started to know some medicinal plants, to know how to use them and to understand the importance of our food as the basis of a healthy life. .
It was in 2014 that my studies began to be deepened with an Integrated Therapeutic Massage Course where I approached different types of massage such as Tui Na, Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Cranial Sacrum Therapy.
In the same year I entered the Traditional Chinese Medicine course, training with more than 5000 hours at the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ESMTC).
Along with these courses, I participated in training and internships/clinics of around 800 hours, in multiple areas, including Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, Phytotherapy, Qi Gong and Internal Medicine in Portugal.
Allied to my studies in the field of Chinese medicine, and seeing food as our basis and main form of healing, my passion for agriculture and the desire to have a more active position and knowledge about the way my food is produced also grew. .
Since 2017 I have been part of the Parque Agricola da Alta de Lisboa, a community garden in Lisbon where, in addition to having my individual plot, I encourage and facilitate training/activities in conjunction with the Associação para a Valorização Ambiental da Alta de Lisboa (park management entity) to children and adults within the scope of agriculture/permaculture and herbal medicine.
In traditional Chinese medicine, patients are always treated in a personalized way, respecting the individuality of each one, the patient is observed as a whole, aiming to treat the body, mind and spirit, using nature as a starting point.
Life has led me along these two paths, which at first I thought were different, but as I go along them, the more certain I am that the more I observe and get to know nature, the more capacity I have to help human beings.
In February 2021 I started my specialization in Jing Fang, personalized herbal medicine, with Dr. Salustino Wong and in April of the same year the Permaculture Design Course with Silvia Floresta at Eco Aldeia do Vale.
My curiosity for different healing techniques and ancestral knowledge have led me to travel to different countries in order to broaden my knowledge in the field of phytotherapy and dietetics.
I currently carry out regular clinical consultations and individual sessions and in the future I hope to reconcile all the knowledge acquired by helping my patients to be increasingly autonomous and active in their healing and development.


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Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Silvia Floresta
Other Teachers: Orlando Pereira
Location: Aldeia do Vale
Date: Jun 2021
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