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Best Black Queen Platform Bed Styles 2021

When choosing a queen platform bed color of the bed often plays a big role. In this case, we are looking at a black queen platform bed in the market. If you go to the market without a clue of the type, you can easily be overwhelmed by the choices available for you in the market. The most crucial factor to look at in a bed is comfort. Other factors to consider when selecting a bed include the size of the bedroom, storage space, and probably your budget. Furthermore, you don’t need to hear irritating, squeaking noises during sleep.

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1. Zinus Mia Studio Modern Metal Queen Platform Bed Frame

The platform is a product of the Zinus company. It has a metallic frame that stretches and wood rails and a height of 14 inches. To offer extra sturdiness, it has a center metal rail that runs from the headboard downwards through the bed. The platform bed leaves 12 inches of clearance room where you can keep some of your staff. Each leg has a plastic cap that protects the floor from scratching. The black platform bed has explicit assembling instructions and does not need too much expertise to put it together. Its frame is not only sturdy but also has a durable and stylish design. The platform bed is good with or without a headboard. Furthermore, its tightly arranged wood rails ensure your mattress does not sag easily.

2. Zinus Trisha Queen Platforma Bed Frame

If you enjoy low profile beds, then you should consider buying this queen size platform bed. Foundation. This queen platform bed has slats but gives you can choose to use a box spring if you need extra support for your mattress. Even though the bed is low profile, it still gives you an inches clearance space where you can always keep some of your staff. Its headboard stands at 27 inches and still looks balanced and complete. A center rail that runs parallel to the slats to rule out the possibility of sagging. Its weight, 71.7 lbs. makes an excellent grip to the ground hence cannot skid easily. The queen platform bed can be assembled in minutes and does not require any expertise.

3. Zinus Korey Queen Platform Metal Bed Frame Upholstered Headboard

The mention of upholstered headboard adds some bit of class and sophistication to this type of bed. Its headboard stands at 38 inches high, thus adding a chic look to the platform bed. Well, the foundation has not only look but also reliable and sturdy support. It is made from a durable wood frame and solid wood slats that assure maximum mattress support. Another great feature of this queen size platform is the storage space.

The bottom part gives a 12 inches storage space where you can keep some of your staff. If the falling of slats is one of your most significant worries, this bed has a metal rail that runs perpendicularly to the slats. Furthermore, the grey headboard gives the bed a charming look.

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4. Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Navy Queen Platform Bed

If your dream is to add a luxurious look to your bedroom, then you need to look no further. It is a spacious queen size platform bed that commands attention in your bedroom. Its classic styling and navy upholstery can turn around the look of your room. The bed frame is made of metal, while the slats are made of wood. With this type of bed, you are not only assured of comfort but also durability. The entire frame and headboard are soft due to the upholstery. Even with all its sophistication, it still provides 13.8 inches of storage space beneath it. Its center is reinforced with a metal rail to provide additional support. Furthermore, no amount of pressure will trigger squeaking noise during the night.

5. Zinus Upholstered Geometric Paneled Queen Platform Bed

If you are for a simple but beautiful queen size platform bed with a paneled headboard, a geometric paneled platform bed has it all. Its frame and 4-inch headboard have an upholstered made of soft fabric. The bed has tightly arranged wood slats that prevent mattress sagging.

Furthermore, the slats have been reinforced with a metal that prevents slats from falling. Because the bed is 96.8 lbs., it seats on nine legs to reduce the pressure exerted on each leg. The bed stands at 14 inches with a further 43 inches carries by the headboard. Furthermore, it has 6.3 inches beneath that can be used for storage purposes.

6. Stella Modern Metal Queen Platform Bed Frame

The black queen size bed frame has a metallic frame with a string center rail that supports its strength. Also, its design is made to lock in the mattress and to prevent it from sliding. Its wood slats are tightly arranged and thick to give maximum support to the mattress. The bed has six legs to offer maximum support to this weighty platform bed. The bed stands at the height of 9 inches and provides a 6 inches clearance room. That can be used for storage. Furthermore, the foundation offers even sleeping positions to the sleeper.

7. Sleeplace High-Profile Heavy-Duty Steel Slat 18 Inch

If your priority when buying a platform bed is storage, the SLEEPLACE platform bed offers just that. Its height protrudes to 18 inches hence enough storage space beneath the bed. The entire bed is made from heavy-duty steel that can carry up to500 lbs of weight. Its legs have been reinforced and are strong enough to bear that weight without a struggle. Furthermore, the platform bed does not require a box spring since its slats are strong enough.


While the above mention seven queen platform bed frames are some of the best options for your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that there are no better options out there. It depends on your taste and how much you are willing to pay for the product. Furthermore, with black as the color of your bed, decorating the bedroom will not be a big problem for you. Therefore, do not restrict yourself to the seven mentioned queen size platform bed frames; on the contrary, use them as a guide that will lead you to the most suitable furniture.


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