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David Szemerda
Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About David Szemerda

I would categorize myself more as a sustainability activist. Permaculture is a significant part of future sustainability, but there are other aspects and solutions to consider. (Like energy)

About 11 years I bought a house and land, in rural New Brunswick, next to my mother. It was the old homestead woodlot about 40 to 60 years ago. Therefore the land is mostly covered in new to 30 year old pioneer species trees. (Birch, spruce and fir) As I began to clear space, my involvement with permaculture began. About 5 years ago, I gave up my business and began fulltime work on my land while looking after the kids. (My wife and I decided that at least one parent should be raising the kids, rather than shuffle them off to daycare. A completely deplorable concept, in my mind)

While I have been unable to take a permaculuture course, (None locally, and quite expensive) I have read several books on the subject, and conduct much experimentation on my own land.

I am currently working on trying to build an integrated chicken coop and greenhouse using a dome design to provide cold weather opportunities for food crops. (I have a geothermal coil, and hopefully the heat from the chickens shall keep the place above zero.)

Eventually, I hope to be relatively self-sufficient, and establish a close loop system of integrated plants and animals while restoring some of the forest species that were originally found in Southern NB.


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