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Ianna Y. Sedlackova
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Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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Cool Temperate
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Zeleny Kopecek

Zeleny Kopecek

Jablunka n. B., CZ

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About Ianna Y. Sedlackova

If You would need more information, please contact me on [email protected], and I will send You a full CV.

I teach PDC in the frame of courses on alternative, ecological gardening in synergy, whenever there is a group interested.

Building different kinds of gardens in all forms and sizes, also respecting the personal yang-Feng Shui aspects of the customers, I also spend some time inbetween on my dissertation on the individual human breathing structure - a part of technologies of voice.

My son Emil, 13 years old, the household and the siamese cheeky little cats, take up the rest of my time.

Now and then I jot down some idea for the plans for the PC-farm I am working on, for my Permaculture Diploma - here I am looking for partners - 10 Ha of land and pastures in the largest nature reserve of the Czech Republic, Europe. Slowly but surely we work to realise all PC-dreams, that we have. You are welcome to visit and help. Have a look here:

My resent qualifications are:
PDC in the Czech Republic (2010)
PDC Module 1 - assisting Austria (2012)
PDC Mollison & Lawton Melbourne 2005 online (2013)
PDC Teachers' Training Course in Denmark (2013)

Bachelor Degree Gardening & Floristics (2010)

Mastersdegree Gardening & Gardenconstruction (2014)

Master of personal Yang-Feng Shui & other Feng Shui schools (2012) + 20 years experience and 2 years of prof. consulting

Master of Arts Voice (2004) + dissertation on human individual breathingstructures (Ph.D. 2014)

working as an opersinger in the State Opera Vienna

repairing damaged voices here and there

coming from a family of generations of 400 years of farmers.

Would be lovely to hear from you!
Best regards, Ianna


Wir freuen uns Ihnen nun auch in Wien folgende Workshops anbieten zu können!

New courses in Vienna Summer 2013

Posted about 11 years ago (0 comments)
My Badges
Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher I'm female, single, and looking for a permaculture partner
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Cestmir Holusa
Other Teachers: Dana Kellnerova
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Date: Oct 2009
Other course unverified
Master of Arts
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: University of Music, Vienna
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: Oct 2002
Other course unverified
Master of Gardening
Type: Gardening
Verifying teacher: Association of Agriculture of Austria
Other Teachers: DI Dornhecker, DI Schumacher, DI Hackl, DI Geyerhofer, DI Joch, DI Thiesz
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: Oct 2011
Other course unverified
EM Technology T. Higa
Type: Soil Biology/Compost
Teacher: Manfred Kriegl, Association of EM of Germany
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: Mar 2008
Other course unverified
Permaculture Diploma Project
Type: Permaculture Diploma
Teacher: Petr Mravik
Location: Vienna, AUT, Jablunka CZ
Date: Apr 2013
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0 PRI PDC Graduates (list)
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Ianna Y. Sedlackova has permaculture experience in:
Cold Temperate
Cool Temperate
Warm Temperate
Wet/Dry Tropical
Dry Tropical

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