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George Szabo
Los Angeles, Ca, United States
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About George Szabo

I can be best described as a social engineer mediating conflict since I was nine years old. My intention for the permaculture community is to share my knowledge of "people guilds" where we work at placing people together according to skill sets, interests, and thinking styles.
I practice, study and teach the art of Empathic Listening and Effective, Need-Centered Communication formally known as NVC or Non-violent communication as presented by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg. In this time of urgency where the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground from which we eat are in grave danger, people are feeling called to service. Permaculture offers solutions and calls for focus in areas of Energy, Water, Community, Economy, Agriculture, Architecture and Waste.
The most misunderstood aspect, in my view, is that of Community where communication is the bond that holds us together in daily function. Without clear, positive action language (PAL) we suffer loss of time and depletion of energy which often times results in conflict, apathy and despair.
I offer my services free of charge 24/7 to those in need of clarity, empathy and effective strategy be it intra- or inter-oganizational level. For more please visit www.openheartsopendoors.com


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