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Sarah Bradford
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Sarah Bradford

Having grown up in a rural dairy farming town in southwest victoria, land degradation due to harsh settlement and farming practices was all around. Having a great love for animals and nature all my life I never really understood how the lifestyle of humans could be so destructive, but in a strong farming community this seemed the norm.

Having traveled to Sweden on exchange for 12 months at the age of 16 I was lucky to be living with a farming family, which I now understand were pushing for local organic food production in the community. My host father drove a horse and cart around the city giving out free loaves of organic bread from wheat from his farm to try and convince people of the benefits of local organic produce. At the time being only 16 I didnt really completely understand all of this but now look up to him immensely.

After completing high school in Geelong, Victoria I went traveling to Byron Bay and the northern rivers region of N NSW and found a community of people and styling of living that felt like home to me. My dissatisfactions with our society's way of living were confirmed and accepted by many people feeling the same way. I looked up to many of these people's endeavours to change and this is where I first learnt of the word permaculture!

After 2 years of living in paradise I was to move back to Geelong due to unforseen circumstances. I had alot of anger at being back in what seemed like such a conservative, consumer driven society and had planned to head back north until meeting my current partner. With his home and career being in Geelong I opted to stay, quite difficult to accept. After moaning and groaning about having to live in the suburbs my partner convinced me that instead of complaining I should try and do somthing to change our situation with what we have and show others how different and satisfying life can really be.

So this all takes us to the present situation. I have decided for now until we can afford to move to a dream propetry to try and turn our backyard into an urban permaculture style set up. Being self taught, it is not strictly based on the permaculture principles but more trial and error evolving to a more defined permaculture through time and once I am able to complete some much desired permaculture training.

For now we are completely organic, with a no dig vegie and herb garden taking over the yard, berries and fruit trees, composting system aided by my 2 ducks, 2 chickens, 2 guinea pigs and 1 rabbit who also help to keep pests down. There are many many things I still want to implement but for now money keeps developments a little slow, although it has only really been 5 months since I started so I guess we are doing pretty well.

In future we plan to have some land to build a complete permaculture, sustainable lifestyle but until that day we need to make the most of what we have and show others what can be done in an urban backyard!


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