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Dann Zealley
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Dann Zealley

I obtained my PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) back in ’98 in Australia from an early pioneer in the field, Robyn Francis in North Eastern New South Wales. I have since designed for the Humid Tropics, Warm Temperate zones, and from Dryland (deep rain shadow) to temperate rainforest (high rainfall) and zones in between these extremes within the Pacific Northwest.
I presented two papers at the University of Venezuela for the World Social Forum (WSF) held in Caracas, in Jan 2006.
I presented a paper outlining the possibilities of the use of fungi in mainstream Permaculture Design and the general economy in which I coined the term “Myco-Permaculture” to describe such a process.
I also presented a paper addressing the political/economic implications of sustainable land use when implemented through the philosophical prism of the principles (all 12 of them) of Permaculture.
During my time in Venezuela I was able to persuade ‘Monte Avila’, the state publishing house to commission the translation and forthcoming publication of Permaculture concept co-originator David Holmgren’s seminal work, “Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability” –the first major permaculture book to be translated into spanish. Before traveling to Venezuela in January 2006 I took a 3 day workshop with David on practicing and teaching the principles at the eco-village near Mill Bay on Vancouver Island,BC, Canada in late ’05. I spent time at Tagari farm in Australia with Geoff Lawton who took over the reigns at Permaculture International from the other co-originator of the concept, Bill Mollison in 2000.

I am currently working on an independent academic research project highlighting problem solving through the use of Permaculture principles and how to lay the foundation for a new political economy based upon an eco-socialist framework informed by such principles. I also hope to continue my work on soil science through the incorporation of fungi.
Besides Permaculture, I spend a good deal of time studying geopolitics, macro economics and eco-socialist philosophy (with an emphasis on the work of Karl Marx).
I hope to return to Venezuela again soon in order to establish the principles of Permaculture as a praxis for the framework of the Bolivarian Revolution that is (I believe) at the apex of transforming the social consciousness of humanity in the vision of a just and sustainable world.
Through the wise use of Permaculture on all levels of human function I am certain that "Another World is (indeed) Possible!"


My Badges
Aid worker I'm male, single, and looking for a permaculture partner
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Robyn Francis
Location: Nimbin, Australia
Date: Jan 1998
Other course unverified
3 day workshop on the Principles of Permaculture
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: David Holmgren
Location: O.U.R. Ecovillage, Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Date: Jan 2005

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