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henrik haller


  • Joined: 25/02/2012
  • Location: Muhan , Chontales, Nicaragua
  • Climate Zone: Wet Tropical
  • Gender: Male

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About henrik haller

I am a permaculture enthusiast from Sweden. I became familiar with the permaculture concept in 2001 the Sunseed Desert Technology-project in Spain where I worked as a gardener. Permaculture and related matters have been my commitment ever since. I hold a masters degree in ecotechnology and my studies have focused on different soil remediation techniques such as biochar, rock dust. I am currently a Ph. D. student conducting research on bioremediation.

I became familiar with permaculture for the first time at Sunseed Desert Technology in Spain where I volunteered in 2001. In 2005 I completed my first Permaculture Design Course. At that course I met Ryan Unmack and decided to found the project Casa Montesano together with him. I have also co-founded the Nicaraguan NGO, CIPP (Centro Integral para la PropagaciĆ³n de la Permacultura) and it Swedish counterpart PERMANIC (www.sfpin.org). CIPP carries out educational projects based on permaculture principles in rural Nicaragua. . My experience of ecofarming, permaculture and green construction derives from various jobs in countries like Iceland, Morocco, France and Spain.