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Adele Sweeney
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Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Cold Temperate

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About Adele Sweeney

I left University many moons ago, entered the corporate world and decided I didn't like the rat race...so now, I'm a work at home parent, making a living online from various websites including a digital craft supplies store*

I discovered Permaculture a couple of years ago, soon after getting an allotment/community garden; everyone was saying how much work it took, all the digging and weeding etc. I found myself asking why am I doing this? Nature manages to take care of itself so why do we do all this fussing about? I also hated killing worms, so I was thrilled to find out about no-dig gardening and further research saw me watching Bill Mollison's videos, and anything else I could find...thinking this all makes so much sense!

So here I am, just starting my PDC - the online version, which is perfect for me as I can't get to the longer courses, or even weekend or evening ones. I wanted to do the PDC because I find it hard backing up my 'hippy ideas' to other gardeners, and get myself into trouble with the site. I'd also like to make Permaculture more the 'norm' rather than an alternative in gardening, through one of my sites for kids.

*I understand that printing supplies at home might be frowned upon by some of you, but I feel it's far better than the mass produced, commercially printed and packaged, globally distributed mountains of pretty papers, greeting cards and patterns which get used once; cut up and probably chucked away.

With downloadable supplies crafters reduce their consumption of mass produced paper-based craft supplies, can be creative in re-using waste they have at home and the the items themselves can be re-used as many times as a person needs. So, please be gentle, my intentions are good!


Newbie Starting the Online PDC!

Just got access to all the course materials; there's so much stuff!

Posted about 12 years ago (2 comments)
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