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I really liked these socks on her because they were sexy and irresistible. Her blouse was purple, silky, and even though she had a bra on, her nipples might be seen depending on her mood. I loved her beautiful, thick, luscious nipples which were disproportionate to her smaller perky breasts.

We were driving in the car listening to some classic rock when I changed the station to R&B. Rebecca, my wife, was very prude by all means, or so I thought. When we first married, we had both only dated a few people up to that point but as time passed we let loose on each other in ways our wildest imagination could never predict.

Whitney Houston was on the radio station when Rebecca asked me if I thought she was attractive. "Hell no!" I said, "She's way too skinny and the drug issue is a total turn-off, but Beyonce is kind of cute."

We pulled up to the forest preserve and walked deep into the forest on a trail we found near the parking lot. We made sure to move a couple hundred yards off the trail and found ourselves a nice opening with some clear ground to lay on. She put a blanket on the ground and we sat down. She took off her shoes and we began to kiss.

Pretty soon I was making love to her out in the forest. I loved it when she kept her clothes on so it was quick. She was wet and warm and when I released myself into her and we moaned into each others ears it was sweet and passionate.

On the way back home my wife was listening to music when she confessed to me that she always dreamed of sleeping with a famous person. It annoyed me but I thought she was trying to make me jealous because I had just told her that Beyonce was pretty good looking.

Rebecca wasn't shy per say, but she certainly was more the effeminate type, with skinny long legs, a tight butt, and perky breasts. She had dark eyes and dark brown hair, bangs that swayed left and right like one of those chicks from the 1950's.

When we got home, she told me she was going to the grocery store. I followed her because I thought it was suspicious, especially since we were fighting. I am the paranoid type.

When I saw her drive back to the forest, I really was confused. I reasoned that she forgot something there and was going to retrieve a possession of some sort. I stayed far behind her in the car so that she wouldn't see me though, as my intuition was firing off that she might be having an affair.

At the forest, I parked far and walked by foot to her car. I noticed that she had parked exactly where we had been before, only this time there was a sports car parked to the right. My heart sank. I raced through the trail. It was getting late, but there was still plenty of light out.

Suddenly, I hear her talking to a man. I ducked, and stayed behind the trees. I saw them in the clearing.

"Come on. It can't be that bad," The man was saying to her as she laid in his lap looking at the clouds. I couldn't believe it. I was panting hard full of anger, and ironically, arousal.

They were talking for some time. I wondered if they would do anything physical. I had to see. I had to wait.

Finally, they started kissing. I heard the sounds of their lips smacking. It was as if she was starved. He ripped open her blouse and her black bra showed. He sucked on her thick brown nipples looking her in the eyes as he did. She pulled out his penis and began to stroke it. She spit in her hands and then spit in his mouth. She had never been so wild with me so it was surprising. I was afraid to move.

She pulled off her blue panties and laid them on the ground. She still wore her brown skirt but sat on his face as she grabbed his hair and shoved his face into her. She rode him, through and through, finally, pulling of his pants entirely. I saw him plunge into her. The sounds of her body against his were too much to bear but I could not stop watching.

His balls slapped against her hitting her in the clitoris. She moaned and leaned into him as they french kissed. He did not stop for a minute and when he did she slammed into him harder.

He released himself into her, as I did earlier that day, and she collapsed on him as they both had an orgasm. She lay on him, bare chest to bare chest, and passionately kissed him for what seemed like hours. He turned her over and began making love to her again. She was panting loud, even screaming, "please, more, please, thank you, yes!" When he finished he released himself into her again and they both collapsed their on the ground yards before me.

Finally, she grabbed his arm, rapped it around her, and they both went to sleep. I did not know what to do or what to think.

When they awoke. they made love several more times. She gave him oral sex for hours, stroking him, cajoling him, and spitting all over him like some sort of angry sex crazed demon. When she was finished he penetrated her repeatedly, turning her body over this way and that way. When it was all said and done, she kissed him and they went their separate ways. I followed her back home. When arrived she was in the shower.

When she got out.........

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