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Kerry Dell'Agostino
Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Climate Zone:
Cold Arid

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ADRA Mongolia

ADRA Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, MN


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Chachzaevka ecovillage Starting & Staying Small Fountain Family Pharm: A Permaculture Orchard in the Northern Boreal Forest The Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan Himalayan Permaculture Centre
Geoff Lawton
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About Kerry Dell'Agostino

I grew up on a large cattle farm, went to agricultural college, travelled alot, found sustainable development and international aid as a bachelors degree and permaculture. After woofing for one year in Brazil I returned home to start a business.

I found permaculture at university and did my PDC in Brazil in 2012. When I returned home I started a permaculture business with single source vegetable boxes, vege seedlings, commercial wormfarm and an organic waste collection service. We also did permaculture skills workshops and speaking events!

I am currently working at ADRA Mongolia within their food security program. Helping households to improve their food production and at the same time implement permaculture principles and practices in their yards and through out the home.
My future in permaculture will be at the landscape scale around pasture cropping with perennial ground cover and food forestesque edible landscape planting. I am still working it out!


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