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We were good friends hung out together quite often and we always had drinks. Lorie always flirted when she was drinking and I liked the attention. I think Rose was always a little intimidated by Lories big tits, because Rose's were of average size. But Lorie seemed to always be shoving them into my face, sometimes I would even playfully grab them. She never minded at all.

When we arrived Rick and Lorie met us at the door. And like always Lorie hugged me and pressed her big tits into me not anything out of the norm. Rick hugged Rose again not unusual.

We took our bags inside they showed us to the bedroom that we would be in for the long weekend, it had a bathroom between that bedroom and the one on the other side. We didn't really unpack, just opened our bags and got out what we needed when we needed.

Rick and Rose were both in the medical field. So Rick was going to show Rose his ultrasound area of a very small radiology department. Which he was the manager of two other radiology technologists. When I voiced that I would like to go also Rick was quick to say no, I later found out why. And that I was to go with Lorie to the liquor store to get the drinks for the weekend.

On the way to the liquor store Lorie kept talking about how she missed seeing us especially me. She Talked about the times that I had grabbed her tits, and did I like the way they felt. I said I did, that they felt much larger than Rose's tits. She then suggested that she might let me handle them this weekend, or would I like to now. I said no, it wouldn't be appropriate to do so now. When we are drinking it just seems like harmless fun. Ok she said but maybe I might grab you this weekend. We laughed like it was just a thought. We bought the beer and liquor and returned back to the.

Rose and Rick had not returned yet. It was a short trip to the hospital, and it was almost 2 to 3 hours before they returned. When they returned Rose said she enjoyed the tour and she had met a good friend of Ricks and sorry they had taken so long, but seemed very eager to excuse the reason that it took so long.

As for Rick and Rose later I found out the real reason that they took so long. Who his friend was. And why Rick had a very happy smile on his face. Rose was walking stiff legged, as if her legs hurt. It wasn't her legs that hurt.

When they reached the hospital and went to the radiology department, they were alone as it was a weekend. Rick was showing Rose around the area. The ultrasound area was in the back of the department very isolated and very quiet. They went into the room and Rick slid the sign to "in use" and closed the door behind them. It got very dark with only the light from the monitor on the opposite side of the ultrasound cart. The cart was already made with a fresh sheet on it for the next patient.

Rose turned around wondering why he had closed the door and was greeted by a kiss from Rick. We can't Rick, Lorie and Reed are waiting for us to come back. Rick returned with, they will be okay for a little bit. And again gave Rose a kiss, to which Rose pushed away and turned around. Rick then grabbed her sides and kissed the back of her neck, it felt so good to Rose, her whole body went numb with the thought of another man touching her. She resisted saying no we can't, but turned her head sideways to allow Rick easier access to her sensuous area. Rose felt a such a rush going through her body that she was having a hard time controlling. Her nipples got hard and she felt a tingling between her legs that made her pussy start to get wet.

Rick by now had run his hands up her sides and under her blouse reaching her tits massaging them through her bra. Rose heard herself saying no we can't do this Rick, but felt herself arching her back to shove her tits to Ricks hands. Almost as she was saying it's ok let's do this. Rick then pulled up on her bra releasing her tits which gravity let them fall into his waiting hands. He then took her nipples, which were very hard and sensitive by now, between thumbs and forefingers and began twisting them.This made her body tingle even more and felt her pussy getting wetter. Again Rose heard herself saying no, but still pushing her tits more to his hands and felt herself pushing her ass into the bulge in Ricks pants and giving a little grinding action making his cock grow even more.

By now Rick sensing this is going perfectly well let his right hand slide down her belly and to her cunt massaging it through her pants. Rose saying no stop, but found herself reaching down to unzip her pants and then guiding his hand into them. Reaching inside her pants and going down feeling her silky panties she had on getting to her blood swollen pussy lips, he could feel her juices flowing and making her panties wetter by the second Rick began to run his fingers up and down the wet spot making it wetter with each passing. Then he hit her clitoris, so swollen he could feel it through her panties. When Rick hit her clitoris for about fourth time she buckled at the knees as her body tensed with orgasm. Oh god yessss that feels so good she moaned. Not wanting to say it but unable to stop the words from coming out, oh god yes I’m coming oh fuck yes don’t stop.

Rick pushed Rose over onto the cart bending her at the waist grabbed the waistband of her pants and slid them to the floor. As she now is bent over the cart with her panties soaking wet from pussy fluids. She again hears herself saying no we can't, but arching her cheating horney ass in the air, as if she was a bitch dog in heat. If she was her tail would have been straight in the air out of the way of the cock she was as ready as ever for. She now had not only stopped resisting his advances, but was offering herself up to his cock to enter her awaiting and aching vagina. Rick started to rub her cunt even harder making her moan so loudly that it was a good thing they were alone. By now she's wanting a cock inside her wet cunt, and it didn't matter whose, just so it scratches her itch that was so deep inside her cunt only a full hard on cock can reach it.

As Rick hears her moans he reaches for the waistband of her panties and starts to slide them over her hips. Rose objects slightly but not really resisting, no please we can't, but Rick continues to remove them. Rose helps him by moving side to side and as her pussy soaked panties clear her ass. She arches her ass up to aim her soaking, ready to be fucked, female pheromones dripping sex right to Ricks face. Rick finished getting her jeans and pussy soaked panties out of the way. Then with her glistening wet pussy smelling so sweet as only females cunt does Rick could not resist but to start to lick it clean. No please, Rose attempted to plead, but again her body was not her own as she spreads her legs and arching her back to give him complete access to her sopping wet cunt. Rick proceeded to lick her woman slit from clitoris to her anus. Also he slid two fingers into her, her cunt so wet he had no trouble at all, they just slid right in up to his knuckles. Oh god yes she moaned as she succumbed to a different man violating her baby maker. Finally reaching the g-spot feeling its rough texture growing and he continued to play with it, making her body quiver uncontrollably. Oh god that feels so good don't stop licking that pussy. Oh yesssssss lick that pussy fuckkkkkk me yessss that's it. Rick reached up under her and grabbed her clitoris massaging it like she had never felt. Within seconds her body convulsed her pussy muscles contracting and squeezing his fingers and cum was running out of her cheating fuck hole. Rick tried to lick it as fast as he could, but so much squirting out of it at once it was running down the inside of both thighs and Ricks fingers.

Her body still shaking and out of control, powerless to even move at this time. Rick stood up grabbing his 7 inch full hard on. Aiming it at Rose's cumming fuck hole rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit from clitoris to asshole, making Rose squeal as it hits those spots finally stopping at her cunt entrance. Oh yes shove that cock into my pussy, as she said this pushed herself back against his precum dripping cock mixing her fluids with his making her hole so slick. His cock easily slid into her throbbing pulsing pussy but only just past the head. Oh god yesssss fuck me now. That's all Rick needed to hear, with one full thrust he buried himself into her, making her feel like her pussy was ripped open. Ohhhhh she gasped as it ripped her opening, but yet it felt so good. Oh fuckkkkkkk yesssssss fuck that pussy. She now wanted it so bad, and was into fucking him now like a whore with a John. As Rick started to rhythmically pound her pussy. She likewise was in unison meeting his cock with her own thrusts back into him. With his balls slapping her with every thrust of his cock into her unprotected womb, the sound of wet pussy being violated. Finally she spasms again her pussy muscles contracting hardest of all, and gushing even more cum than before. With cum running over his cock and down her thighs. Her wet cunt tightened around him now milking his cock like professional slut wanting to get all of his sperm. Rick felt his balls tighten and then drove it into her feeling her cervix opening held himself there as he released his full load of cum into her unprotected fuck hole. He held it in as deeply as he could delivering his cum directly onto her cervix, her pussy muscles tightened around his cock holding on to get every drop of his precious seed.

With each pulse she felt his hot cum flowing into her, it was such a rush getting a hot load shot into her by someone other than her husband. Her husband was until now the only cock that had penetrated her. She was enjoying this strange cock so much, she wanted it to continue for hours. Her pussy muscles contracting milking his cock for every drop of his hot white seed. Oh god that's it fuckkkkkkk meeeee. Now her cum running down her thighs mixed with his abundant amounts of sperm made a gooy sticky mess of her inner thighs. She took just a second to question herself, did I take my birth control pill today. Shit what if it doesn't work and Rick gets me pregnant, oh fuck who cares it's too late now anyway.

Rick still had a major hardon so he rolled Rose onto her back and grabbed her legs lifting them and spreading them apart to open her sex hole again. Oh yes she begged, cum inside my pussy again fuck your whore cunt like you own it.

Sliding his cock into her again, now she has cum from both of them running down the crack of her asshole and pooling under her. Rick pounds her harder than before, making her almost scream with pleasure. He gets so turned onto her sounds, and starts pounding even harder. Finally they cum at the same time , Rick holds himself in as deeply as he can. Ahhgghg he lets out and then says there take that cum like whore, hold it inside. She feels his hot seed again coursing into her, she feels herself climax like never before. Again her pussy hole contracting to milk him dry again. Now cum is every where, on the cart, on the floor and running down herself, covered all over Ricks cock and his balls.

Rick then said what would Reed say if he knew you were carrying two loads of my cum inside your pussy when we get back.

I don't know, what if he goes down on me tonight and can taste your cum oozing out.

Haha Rick laughed that'd be good, I fully fuck his wife and then he eats what runs out. That'll teach him to leave you alone with me.

Yeah she snickered I'll try to let your cum just stay inside, besides it feels good in there so nice and warm.

Both of them spent with nothing left. They both just lay beside each other for awhile before being able to clean up. Which would take awhile. Before coming back to the house each very well fucked and happy.

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