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Max Boekholt
Utrecht, Netherlands
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Max Boekholt

Having worked for the major Dutch TV & Radio station as sound- and cameraman, I have travelled the world and experienced, experienced is the right word, the bad side of humanity, including the "raping" of our Mother Earth. I am now glad i found Permaculture and can finally contribute to restoring our Mother earth back to its green glory.

I am busy to work out plans to set up an (international) Foundation for this purpose and have access to major funding AND money leverage people.

Are there interested people with direct access to larger amounts of money to hook up and make this work.

Currently I am busy to one of my friends to penetrate the Middle East market, on the highest levels.

Please feel free to contact, share opinions, ideas and what have you.

One of my thoughts is to have an educational branche set up; to give presentation in schools, for young children (the citizens of the world in 10 - 20 years) and up. CREATE AWARENESS!!!!!!!


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