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Felicia Chapman
Huntsville, N/A, United States
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You have made my pussy so wet I can feel my juices dripping down to my ass. I can feel your cock pounding deep in my pussy. You have me screaming for more.

I feel you slowly pull your cock out of my tight hole. I want to feel you inside me so bad but you like to tease me and make me beg. So now you have me on my knees so you can have perfect view of my ass and wet hole. You move in closer and I feel as your hands start to spread my ass cheeks apart that wonderful stretching sensation. You give me some good spankings my ass is tingling with electricity from your firm hand.

I'm in rapture with every smack to my now punished ass. I feel your hot breath near my back door and can't wait to have you play me. I haven't had ass play in quite a while and grow more wet with anticipation as you lightly lick some of my sweet nectar and move on to my ass lapping your tongue at my dark place.

I move my hands back and spread my cheeks for you so you can work that little button. I feel you lick it and then feel your warm precum rubbing on it until your finger slides in. My muscle clamps tight against your finger at first with your free hand you start rub on my clit and finger my wet cunt. All the while working your finger deeper in my ass.

Finally you can stand no more play and neither can I want you to fuck my ass and shoot your hot juice into me. You bring out the lube and rub some on to my rosebud slowly working with two fingers now. I have my head in the pillow moaning. I feel you brush your cock against my bud rubbing it up and down.

I feel you start to work the tip in as I reach back and play with your balls. Your hardness is working its way in slow but it feels so good. Your about halfway in now I can feel that intense almost burning sensation as you work you cock in. You have filled me now and start to pump you thick cock deep in my ass making sure to continue the great spanking while thrusting your cock deep in. You start working my ass harder and deeper while listening to me to me tell you how much I love it when your in my ass. Finally with one final deep thrust I hear you say your cumming as I feel your hot load shoot into me.

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