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Trying to focus on who was there she felt the thick shaft burying itself to the hilt, making her moan aloud. Two hands grasped hers pinning them above her head as a body pressed her to the bed. Nathan was stroking forward feverishly, without warning, he suddenly groaned and Amanda could feel the cock within her twitch as he came. Pulling free, he climbed off the bed and disappeared, leaving her with his cum seeping from her cunt. Slipping from bed she made her way to the bathroom and into a hot shower.

Creaking as it opened, Nathan entered, a tray in hand. "Morning my pet, are you hungry?"

"Yes Master I am, thank you," she said as she sat down to see what he had brought her. Raising his hand to her lips, he lifted the coffee to her lips. This was followed by him feeding her each bite as if she were a child. When the meal was done, he sat the tray aside and took the hairbrush and begin to comb her long hair.

"Do you know why I choose to use what is mine without hesitation this morning pet?" he asked.

"Because it is yours to use as you please?"

"Very good my little girl, that is exactly why. No matter when or where if I decide I wish to use you I shall. I promised to never let another use you but there will come a time when you will be used while others watch, or you will play with yourself while they watch. If I decide to use you while driving, I will simply pull over, bend you over the hood of the car, pull your dress up and fuck you then and there. If I decide you are to entertain guest you will expose yourself in any manner I desire but be assured you will never be in any danger. You have to learn to trust my judgment. I know my dear brother was conservative to a point, that I am not."

"Master may I ask a question?"

"Yes of course you may, please go ahead."

"What are we doing today?" asked Amanda.

"I have some work to do in the study, you are to write a journal and have it ready by five this evening. I wish you to be naked kneeling at my door, wet and ready to be used. This means you are to kneel and play with my pussy so its lubed well. Your journal is to be with you."

"But Master what about the housekeeper? She will be running around the house Sir!"

"I am aware of that pet, don't worry bout it, she will not be offended. She is bi-sexual so if anything seeing your nude body will only excite her" he said with a grin.

Kissing her on the forehead, Nathan exited the room. Amanda gazed over to the pad and pen on her dresser. A blush crept into her cheeks. How could she hide the excitement she had felt by the pool side or this morning? How could she dance around the fact that she hadn't felt sexually aroused at his words today? Sitting down she began her task.

As the clock struck a quarter till five, Amanda quickly stripped all her clothing away and headed to the study to wait. Olivia, in her tight fitting maids uniform stood at a distance watching as Amanda knelt in front of the door, journal in one hand, the other hand stroking her cunt, a smile on Olivia's face as she licked her lips. Amanda cringed as she lowered her head.

The turning of the door knob brought Amanda's head back up. There towering over her was Nathan, a smile on his face. "Come my dear, let's see what you have done on your work." Looking over the journal a frown covered Nathan's eyes as he looked down at the kneeling Amanda at his side. Crumbling the paper up he tossed it in the trash. "Is this what you think I wanted to know, how well you slept, how nice my home is? What did I want young lady?" he asked with a bit of a growl.

Amanda wiggled knowing what he meant. "But Sir, I can't yet!" she blurted out.

Grabbing a handful of hair he lifted upward till she was standing. Leading her to the basement he walked her over to the wall where an eye hook was protruding. Letting her hair loose he grasped her around the waist and bent her double before she could even catch her breath. His hand coming down hard and heavy till she was bouncing in place, her bare bottom aflame. "Once more young lady, when I ask a question I expect an answer!"

"You wanted to know what I was feeling!" she shouted as she squirmed against the burning in her ass cheeks.

"You knew this did you not?"

"We'll yes Sir I did, but its so hard for me to let anyone inside my head."

"I am not anyone young lady, I am your owner for the time being. You knew what I wanted and yet you supply me with nothing but ramblings to avoid doing what you knew was expected?"

"Yes Master, I suppose I did."

"Extend your wrist, you will be punished for your actions of deceit, you thought by showing me something, even though you knew it wasn't what I desired, that you could slip past your task. I will not permit a submissive to try and top from the bottom or take charge!" he said as he attached the leather restraints around her wrist and pulled her hands to the eye hook and fastened them to it.

Amanda's breathing quickly became erratic, even though she feared the punishment, she also could feel the moisture growing between her thighs. Watching as Nathan walked to the other side of the room and returned holding a pair of clamps she had never seen before. The tips were extremely small and was shaped like a figure eight. Squeezing the bottom closed, the top of the clamps opened. No longer had he let the first one close she was almost begging. The tiny tip felt as if it was piercing her nipple. Trying as hard as she could to pull away as he neared her other nipple with the clamp, he cut his eyes and she stood as still as possible as he closed it on the flesh. Even though the bouncing around hurt, she could not stand still.

"Oh please Master. I'm begging you, please take them off. I will never as long as I live ever deceive you again. I have never felt such pain and wish it to stop!" she shouted.

"In five minutes I will remove the clamps, you will return to your room and redo the journal as intended. Do not fail me again young lady!" Turning he walked out of the room leaving Amanda withering in her pain and tears as the clamps seem to eat into her skin.

It felt like hours of torment, but indeed it had only been five minutes since Nathan's departure. Reaching over he removed the clamps that had now almost embedded themselves in her nipples. Amanda screamed as the blood came back into the more then tender flesh. Nathan settled down in a chair in front of her. "You know, you could have done as told and avoided this. You will do as told young lady or you will pay the price. Now I have something for you." Dipping into his pocket he took out a small chain with a row of bells attached. "These are slave bells, you will wear them on your ankle at all times. I will always know where you are." Bending forward he attached the chain to her ankle. The reaching up, he released her hands. "Now go do your task again and this time I had better not be disappointed. You have one hour to finish and return to my bedroom with it."

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