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Philip Lambert
Ostrzeszow, Poland
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Cold Temperate

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About Philip Lambert

From a very young age I always knew what I wanted to do, and after finishing school I decided to take up my trade of carpentry and joinery. Towards the end of my apprenticeship with a small but award winning company in Dublin, I began to have the sensation that my passion was now quickly becoming more of a job. Rather than taking my time to produce the best quality product, I was starting to feel the pressure to produce under pressure which resulted in compromises in quality. The job became less satisfying and after qualifying I decided I needed to take a break, so I left Ireland and decided to go travelling.

Once travelling I became aware of Permaculture and I realised that I shared many of its core principles. With a real passion for architecture and construction I became really interested in green building design. The idea of producing and living in a truly self sustainable, high performing, comfortable living space which is constructed from mainly raw unprocessed healthy materials is something of a dream of mine. Replicating nature and utilizing the resources and processes can and should make living in a healthier environment possible. I don’t have many hands on experience in green building construction but this something I really want to get involved with.

For me life is food, and the best food, is home grown food. This year we bought a small plot to start growing so it is time to get our hands dirty. I haven’t taken a PDC course yet but I have read a lot of the books on the subject, now I just need to make the time to take the course, hopefully within the next 12-24 months. For now, it is simply a journey to meet as many other permculturalists and to learn as much as possible.


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