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Ja Schindler
Eugene, Oregon, United States
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Cool Temperate
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Originally from Detroit, Michigan, my interests in post industrialism urban renewal, food security, and environmental awareness developed at a young age. After a number of years studying engineering, my long standing interests in nature and ecology brought my attention to bioremediation and a fierce interest in Fungi.
I have since spent the past decade in various locations of the North West United Sates. After a few years in coastal Alaska working as a tour guide and medicinal plant research intern for the University of Alaska I moved to Shasta County California and gained experience with high desert ecology. I have been living in Oregon for the past five years, pursuing a self led education in mycology and Permaculture. I have lived and worked on a handful of farms, including a progressive mushroom farm here in Oregon.
Currently I conduct research in mycoremediation and restoration, as well as maintain a diverse vegetable garden and interact with orcharding and permaculture projects in my area. I also offer courses in mushroom growing, identification, and permaculture integration through my small company, Fungi For the People, as well as consulting in this arena.


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