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Tashigar Norte
Pedro Gonzalez, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
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Wet/Dry Tropical
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Tashigar Norte Permacultural Project
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About Tashigar Norte

Tashipark Project, a project of Tashigar Norte a non profit organization, provides educational and recreational programs aimed at both children and adults that concern two main themes: Permaculture and Wellbeing.
Located on the tropical Caribbean Island of Margarita, in the Valley of Pedro Gonzalez, Tashipark stands as a community project in aspects related to educational training, experientially integrated tourism, self-knowledge and environmental conservation.
TashiPark is a natural haven of varied fruit and vegetable plantations set amongst local flora on 70 acres of land. Originally developed in 2002 as a 30 acre plantation for organic Aloe Vera. Since then we have been consistently diversifying our activities and currently produce commercial quantities of Mango, Lime, Coconuts, Tamarind, Papaya and other crops.
In 2005 we established a large camping area to facilitate visitors to our Buddhist programs and Yoga and Dance courses that we regularly organize. Here we also planted extensive ornamental gardens incorporating Swale designs as well as a nursery for fruit and date trees and varied plants.
With the success of this we started to transform 7 acres area of fruit plantation from traditional methods to incorporate more Permaculture design considerations and plant diversification.
In 2012 are implementing a totally new approach to our 25 house residential area and have planted extensive communal kitchen gardens producing Pumpkin, Aubergine / Eggplants, Bananas, Spinach, Sweet Peppers, Beans and others.
We also intend to introduce greater diversification within the Aloe plantation and to develop our infrastructure according to Bioarchitectural Design principles.
In the coming years we have plans to construct 2 Mountain retreat cabins with composting toilets, a new classroom, a new raised nursery as well as developing walking trails, rainwater collection systems and further re-cycling facilities.
We aim to develop a work-exchange program where we will provide food and accommodation in exchange for assisting us in the remodeling of old infrastructure and new construction using ecologically sensitive building techniques.
We are open to ideas, suggestions, questions and proposals – please feel free to contact us by email, visit our websites at www.tashipark.org and www.tashigarnorte.org or Skype us at tashigarnorte.secretary


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Introduction to Permaculture
Type: Introduction to Permaculture
Teacher: Saviana Parodi
Location: Tashigar Norte
Date: Mar 2012

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