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Brett Sanders
Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Brett Sanders

Vibrant, nutrient dense, chemical-free food crafted by artisans is one of my main driving forces. My partner (Amanda), our 2 kids and I are developing a fruit and nut orchard/ food forest on my parents farm at Tambar Springs (NSW) incorporating permaculture principles, biodynamic methods and using subtle energies to fine tune the system- all with fantastic results. We are in the process of building a family home using sandstone and poured earth inside (thermal mass) and clay-slip straw infill with re-claimed sleeper walls outside (insulation).

Broadacre farming is a strong interest. I consult with biological- broadacre farmers (Liverpool plains NSW area), enabling them to drastically reduce their fertiliser costs- as we make most of our own nutrient/ biology/ enzyme/ vitamin mixes from farm sourced materials. We buy in liquid organic/biological fertilisers and use about 1/20th of the recommended rate.

After re-mineralising the soils (especially looking at boron, silica and calcium levels to start), we seed dress prior to sowing with a powerhouse of goodies, then apply 3-4 foliar sprays during the growing season, depending on crop needs/ and whether we are wanting the male- growth energies or the female-fruiting energies. We use flow-forms to energise the foliar mixes, as well as homeopathic and radionic/ field broadcaster treatments on the crops. Compost and compost teas, and legume green manures are also regularly used.

We are getting brix (refractometer) readings (level of dissolved solids in plant tissues- or how well the plant is photo-synthesising) of 16 or more (above 12 in cereal crops is generally good). Input costs have been reduced by 1/2- 2/3, and we don't get any problems with natures garbage collectors (insects, mites, aphids etc). The broadacre neighbours around these farms all have costly fertiliser bills, and then give what remaining profit is left to the chemical giants to 'save' their crops from attack. Humans then eat the poison drenched, nutrient poor 'food' that has wrought havoc on natural systems in its' production. Sad really.

We are looking forward to using the recipes that Eugino Gras taught at the Regen Ag workshop- Bio-Fertile Farm (with Paul Taylor-2010), as these are our missing link for inputs (silica), where we will cut our input costs even further and reduce the embodied energy in our remineralisation program. (Thanks Regen Ag!!)

Hugh Lovel (Acres USA and Acres Australia and author of 'A Biodynamic Farm') has adopted Brett as his apprentice. Hugh and Brett worked on the Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) demonstration farm in 2004 as the engineer and manager respectively. It was here that Brett experienced first hand the power of working with subtle energies and what they can do within agriculture- under the expert guidance of Hugh Lovel and Graeme Sait (amongst others). Brett works closely with Hugh- who offers amazing advice, guidance and tutorship to his apprentice.

There is no doubt that we can feed the world with nutrient dense, chemical free food, using methods that cherish rather than decimate natural systems. We just need to demonstrate that it can be done. Change is upon us!!!!! What an exciting time to be alive and doing what we are doing!!!


My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Max O Lindeggar/ Francis Michaels
Location: Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Date: Aug 1996

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