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Claudio Madaune
Sandøya, Aust Agder, Norway
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Cold Temperate
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About Claudio Madaune

Claudio has completed advanced studies in Geography in Chile and France. He has studied various subjects such as Permaculture Design in 1993 with Max Lindegger in Lista-Norway, Appropriate Technology and Alternative Construction at the GAIA Group in Norway and at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making through Consensus in Creestone, Colorado – USA, and Santiago, Chile. He took the EDE (Ecovillage Design Education International Course) for trainers at Sieben Linden in aug. 2011, Germany and the training for trainers in Transition Town in France in nov. 2011. He belongs to the European pool of trainers for the Transition Town Network.

He has participated in various workshops, courses and events about social cartography, GIS, ecological characterisations and management planning as tools for conservation processes and sustainable development with local communities. These were organised by Fundación Natura – WWF, Colombia – National Network of Natural Reserves – ECOFONDO – Biopacífico, in Colombia.

He was selected as a fellow in the “Land Management and Stewardship on Protected Areas” for LatinAmerican conservation professionals in 1997. The fellowship consisted of exchange of experiences with federal, national and state parks, wild life refugees, land trusts, planning officers and other examples of conservation and territory management within New England, USA. The fellowship was granted and organised by the Quebec Labrador Foundation/Atlantic Centre for the Environment.

He has given speeches, conferences, workshops and courses on Permaculture Design and Ecovillages Development in various Universities, NGOs, Institutions and grassroots organisations in: Holland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, USA, Puerto Rico, México, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Senegal. He has participated in various groups and organisations as an environmental activist spreading information and training grassroot groups about sustainable ways of life and the respect for all living forms.

Claudio is a founding member of the Darién Foundation, an NGO established in 1993 to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development projects with active community participation in the Chocó biogeographical region in Colombia, one of the most bio diverse regions worldwide. A number of preservation and sustainable development projects have been under his coordination, including those involving territory management planning, ecological characterisation of natural reserves of the civil society, protection of sea turtles, environmental education, responsible tourism, food security and alternative livelihoods proposals, among others.

He has lived for 8 years at the Sasardí Integrated Reserve located in the Darien rainforest (Colombia), a natural reserve and ecovillage which serves as a pilot centre of experimentation for alternative technology and natural resources management with emphasis on local participatory community process. Sasardi was the first ecovillage in Colombia and one of the first one in Latinamerica. He has worked in local sustainable development projects in collaboration with local authorities, universities, research groups and the Ministry of Environment.

He has represented the Darien Foundation in different international events to share their unique experience regarding endangered species conservation management with participation of local communities at the Urabá Gulf. The Foundation’s work includes the conservation of the Dermochelys coriacea sea turtle, which serves as example for the preservation of sea turtles and local development worldwide. He has participated and given presentations at the Annual International Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, the meeting of Latin American Sea Turtle Specialists, the WIDECAST meeting in the USA (1999, 2000 and 2002), the Second International Congress on Chelonian Conservation in Senegal (2003), and the Second International Conference of People and the Sea in Holland (2003).

He has participated at various international arrangements together with representatives of the alternative movement and indigenous cultures such as: The Norwegian Social Forum in Oslo-Norway/ 2002-2006, the Ecovillage Network of the Americas Council meetings at Creestone, CO.-USA/ 1999 and at the Darien-Colombia/ 2002, the Eco Maya Festival at Los Angeles, CA-USA/ 2000, Second Meeting of Elders and Spiritual Indigenous Guides of the Americas at Araracuara-Amazonas-Colombia/ 1997, the First Bioregional Gathering of the Americas in Tepoztlan-Mexico/ 1996, the International Conference Towards the 21st Century in Oslo-Norway/ 1995, the 5th International Permaculture Conference in Copenhagen-Denmark/ 1993, the UNSAID Festival parallel to the Earth Summit at Rio, at Freiburg-Germany/ 1992, among others. He has also visited various ecovillages and sustainable development projects in many countries. He has been active as liaison and network-builder between different groups, organisations and grassroots movements worldwide.

He is a network and community-builder between grassroots movements worldwide. He has being involved in the creation of various projects regarding sustainability in Norway and in the Americas. Claudio has been the representative for the northern part of South America at the Executive Council of ENA (Ecovillages Network of the Americas) between 1999 and 2003, at present he is chairman of the ENA advisory committee Chairman of the advisory council of ENA, Ambassador for Europe and Latin America for GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) and board member of Change the World-Norway.

Claudio speaks English, French, Spanish and Norwegian. He is currently in charge of some of the main projects of Change the World in Oslo. He has co-ordinated the organisation’s Learning Centre at Sagene Community Centre, where he has been involved in the process of becoming a Centre for the Local Agenda 21 together with other 19 pioneer municipalities working towards a sustainable development in Norway. He has lived for 2 years at the Hurdalsjøen Økolandsby, the first ecovillage in Norway, and between 2007 and 2011 at Foldsæ Education Center in Fyresdal, Telemark, where he was in charge of the development of the project TIBU “Telemark Inspiration Center for Sustainable Development”. He lives in Sandøya, an island with small community where he has motivated a transition initiative called "Et Grønnere Sandøya".


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Max Lindegger
Other Teachers: Marianne Leisner , Frederika Miller
Location: Lista - Norway
Date: Jun 1993
Other course unverified
EDE Ecovillage Design Education
Type: Teacher Training
Verifying teacher: Kosha Joubert
Other Teachers: Martin Stengel
Location: Sieben Linden Ecovillage - Germany
Date: Aug 2011
Other course unverified
Transition Network Train the Trainers Course
Type: Teacher Training
Verifying teacher:
Other Teachers: Sophy Banks
Location: Grenoble - France
Date: Nov 2011
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Cold Temperate
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