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Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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About George Stantchev

Welcome to PURE5™ Extraction

PURE5™ Extraction is a leading cannabis extraction equipment company that pioneers in manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment for cannabis processing. Our standout feature lies in our utilization of solventless extraction with R134A, ensuring a safe and natural extraction process with room temperature, low pressure, and no additional additives. This unique method preserves all essential cannabinoid terpenes, maximizing the health value of the plant extract.

Our Products

  • Aero Extraction Systems

    • 10L Aero Extraction

    • 20L Aero Extraction

    • 20L MAX Aero Extraction

    • 50L LPE Aero Extraction

    • 100L LPE Aero Extraction

    • 200L LPE Aero Extraction

    • 500L LPE Aero Extraction

  • EtOH Extraction Equipment

    • 20-1000L EtOH System

  • Lab Equipment

    • 50L Crystallization Reactor

    • Gas Chromatography

    • 20L-200L LPE Systems

  • THC Remediation Systems

    • THC Remediation Equipment

  • Distillation Equipment

    • 6" SS Wipe Film Distillation

    • 6" GL Wipe Film Distillation

  • Farming Equipment

    • Hemp Harvester

    • 10T Conveyor Dryer

    • Stick & Seed Separator

At PURE5™, we are committed to delivering high-quality, full-spectrum extract oils that are super healthy and rich in natural plant compounds. From hemp strains to THC remediation equipment, we cater to all aspects of cannabis processing, ensuring a seamless journey from seed to shelf. Join us in revolutionizing the cannabis industry with our innovative solutions and unmatched expertise.


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