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Lake Bleeker
Dayton, MN, United States
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Cold Temperate

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Forever Productive Forest
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About Lake Bleeker

It is believed that there is a more synergetic way to grow food and natural resources then current monoculture will allow. I believe that using ecosystem design principles in which the design of the system, and the symbiotic relationships between system components creates the environment in which bioreasources grow synergeticly. I know that humans needs and many comforts can be sustainable obtained by using biosystems as the base, and shaping the systems toward meeting specific goals. In knowing that current mono-culture land can be much more productive, I hope to define how much more productive minus the cost of construction in future research.

Because of this I am dedicated to expanding and exploring this research in bioproducts, and biosystems. I will be looking for bridges for the future of food and natural resource production that do not destroy current infrastructure, but uses observation, nondiscrimination of components, and dynamic problem solving to help create the bridges.

Great consideration should be given to economics in developing new products, systems, and solutions to new problems. If a project is financially unstable it is not worth perusing in order to realize a potentially idyllic or utopian goal. A project should be as self-supporting as it can be, hopefully requiring as little maintenance as possible.

I have full trust in nature’s ability to (with the helping placement and design by humans) be more productive for humans, natural systems, and regenerative in land that has been disturbed by humans.

I hope that as I blog about my findings you will be as informed as I have. If you find problems with my research that are reasonable, I will try to clarify, adjust, or rethink reasonable concerns.

I want this webpage to be collaborative, so if you have an idea, comment, or suggestion please post it.

Thank you all for being a part of this.


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