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Lonnie Caldwell
Caldwell, Idaho, United States
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Won Love farm

Won Love farm

Caldwell, US

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About Lonnie Caldwell

I was born and raised in the central San Joaquin Valley of California and grew up on a hereford ranch in the heart of the California Gold Country near Snelling and LaGrange, some 50 miles or so west of Yosemite National park. I learned traditional farming methods and how to care for the land from people who believed they were doing the right thing. As well intentioned as we might have been I have learned much of what we did was counter to the way nature works and I have decided that studying permaculture techniques and learning to cooperatre with nature as opposed to being at war with it makes much more sense.

My partner Denise and I now live on 3.5 acres north of Caldwell idaho in an area called Sand Hollow. It is an old natural lake bed from a very long time ago and the soil's primarily Sand as the name implies.
It is our intention to create a homestead and "beyond organic' farm and pasture chickens etc utilizing the Salatin methods and also to create a irrigation free permacultured site. Our long term goal is to create a homesteading and permaculture training facility to teach others to be self sufficient and return the land to a healthy productive state.

We welcome travelers and visitors looking to rest their weary souls and absorb the peace and tranquility of country living amoongst the goats and chickens for awhile. We can always use an extra pair of hands or 20 :-) this place is a lot of work!

Hope you'll come see us some day!



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