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Nikolaos Michelakis
Chania, Chania, Greece
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30 y.o Greek Australian residing in Crete, I grew up here. Had a very care-free lifestyle until the 2008 meltdown when every global financial institution failed. The veil was torn from my eyes. Being a business owner had totally absorbed my existence and failed to notice the one way path to destruction, that humanity is treading. I personally had to feel threatened to actually take notice and will always regret that. After some searching i arrived to the conclusion that humanity operates under THREE misperceptions. That the material world is all there is and all that matters. Secondly that genes control our lives, and since you don't pick your genes, you are a victim to them. Finally, that life is a struggle, the rat race, Darwinism (Bruce Lipton PhD - Kymatica Interview for in depth analysis). Quantum physics, epigenetics and the understanding that this pale blue dot in the cosmic ocean is all we will ever have and should be treated as one organism(Gaia), show us how wrong this socioeconomic paradigm really is. So for a couple of years i became political, believing that the system can be fixed from within. Next i believed(and still believe) in a complete overhaul of society via a global collaboration (resource based economy). The zeitgeist movement and thrive movement are a few that i subscribe to, for raising awareness.
I needed something more tangible and then i saw the "Greening the desert" video. I was blown away. Here is a resource based economy on a personal level, community level and the best candidate for a global collaboration since there are no infrastructure prerequisites. Plus there are years of experience and operations in 100+ nations. I have only one months worth of research and have read the PDM and the Book on Fermentation by Bill. I have no doubt that this will be the focus of my attention for the coming years and a personal catharsis for being a pawn in the ways of old for so long. Cooperation and love will have the final say as we move into a world that for the first time ever rewards sustainability and realizes the emergent and symbiotic nature of all systems in this super-organism called Earth.


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