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Fundao, Portugal
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It has taken too many years -- indeed decades -- to reach the point I (we) are at now, sadly! But in the spirit of Carpe diem, Per ardua ad astra, Qui audet adipiscitur and of course Illegitimi non carborundum :)... we have taken the plunge, and although this entry might seem a bit more 'premature-aculture' rather than permaculture... it is our intention to turn our newly acquired (as of Dec 2012) Quinta, here in the heartlands of Portugal, into a haven for permaculture practices and ecological living, learning and being! Yes, we thus join the throng of new-life seekers, intent upon creating our own new era as we leave behind the dark age of Pisces, and enter the bounteous age of Aquarius!

Whilst the planetary and galactic alignment occurs out-with, we may indeed find ourselves in alignment soon enough with those friends of ours who think we are mad to take on 25 Ha of land.. at our ages, and at our novice level (...even that may be too generous!) of understanding about how to farm our land in a sustainable, conscious and enlightened way! But we remain optimistic!

We have been driven to 'give it ago' and -- after 2 years searching -- have settled here in the gorgeously named Valley of Pleasures, to seek fulfilment of our dream. This dream has always been about offering opportunities to others who may be on their own journey towards self-fulfilment. So we hope to welcome those who wish to take some time get to know this lovely area in return for some help keeping on top of, and beginning to care for this promise-packed land, currently in need of TLC!

As I recently responded to Geoff Lawton's enticing video release (pre-Christmas), we see permaculture as the urgently required antidote to so-called modern farming practices. Not something that is just 'nice' to do, but something that literally must be adopted globally in the coming years, and with some speed, for the benefit of the planet and humanity.

We would love for Quinta de Cima to become an exemplar of permaculture practice and a wonderful base and resource for anyone wanting to learn (along with us) and to share their knowledge and we welcome any interested friends-to-be who'd like to come on 'up' and get a view 'from the top' to get in touch...


That's a lot of trees!

Beginning to see the wood for the trees... or is it the trees for the wood! Either way it's certain that there is lots of work ahead...

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