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Hello I'm Scott Bunn, most call me Scottie B. I spent most of my younger days in Farm Country Ohio where there are miles and miles of corn, wheat, and bean fields. I now live in upstate SC close to Clemson University where I received a degree in Business Management. I have been building houses with my family since grade school which is where my Permaculture story begins.

After designing and building a 4 bedroom house and paying for the mortgage + utilities + other expenses, I realized something very valuable. The way in which we (as a society) build things is not very thoughtful; we build for curb appeal and for ooos and aaaas, but we do not build for sustainability or property production.

In 2010, I began transforming my 4 bedroom house and property into a sustainable community that we call the Treehouse Sustainable Arts and Living Project. One of my first priorities was to find like minded people to rent rooms. This has added benefits for financing and community. We have made the house into a 5 bedroom home, and have a studio apartment that is made mostly of recycled materials. We currently have full occupancy with students and professionals, all either supportive, or active in the Treehouse Projects. We are filming all of our projects to make a TV series called Green Matters. Once the Treehouse project is complete, we hope to provide food, Energy, and Water for everyone who lives here + bring in some positive cash flow that we can use towards other projects.

I am also part of a small network of individuals devoted to helping others become sustainable. We call ourselves Tenders of the Earth. Feel free to join our network.
It is great to see so many other projects around the world. We will succeed!


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