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Ginnee Hancock
La Esperanza de Atirro, Turrialba, Costa Rica
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Wet Tropical
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About Ginnee Hancock

We are from South Florida, my husband is a professional nurseryman/landscaper.

My career started with nursing school, then 6 years with a Maxilla-facial Surgeon. I retired to have children, 3 who are now adults. I later became insurance licensed, then a stockbroker and commodities broker...retired early, again, for a better life.

Permaculture is a lifestyle; it is so many interconnected relationships, a vortex that never ends. My journey's path is now to share and build an educational intentional community with others who desire to learn, share, and change the course of our planet through how we live our lives.

I collected Mother Earth Magazines from the time they first published, should have bought the lifetime flat fee subscription in retrospect. I still have those magazines. Always knew this would or should be my life, just did not know it would be in Spanish. My old life was not meant for me. I was good at it, but it was not serving me well. Now I am free to dream and create the life I want to live. Major lifestyle changes have taken place. Always a cook, foodie and home gardener, I came to see that Western Medicine was not the answer, wellness comes from organic food. In these matters I am self-taught. I read everything that interests me, and I develop recipes for the foods that we grow. Understanding what is needed for the health of our organic and grass fed animals has helped me to understand the relationship between food, their health, and our health.


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