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Ben  Harper
Cadiz, KY, United States
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Warm Temperate
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Gulf Coast Permaculture
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About Ben Harper

Halfway through architecture school in Louisiana I dropped out(for various reasons, money being #1) and went to Taos NM for an internship with Earthship Biotecture. Moved to Western Kentucky were I have lots of family and decided to start building an experimental earthship/earthbag building. Moved to the Bay Area of California to help build out the PLACE for Sustainable Living and to work with the Sustainable Living Roadshow to promote sustainable living strategies using fun entertaining methods while traveling the country. In my two years with the Roadshow I have worked to stop Mountain Top Removal, Fracking, the Keystone XL Pipeline and most recently and heavily on labeling genetically modified food.

I was first introduced to permaculture in Oakland, CA two years ago but paid it little attention until more recently. My past experiences have showed me the importance in sustainable infrastructure, the need to stop destructive resource extraction and raise awareness on a massive scale, etc. I am now beginning to see how implementing permaculture practices can do all of the above and is a very positive hands on approach to solving the worlds problems.

I have access to a lot of family land in Western KY as well as access to heavy machinery owned by a family excavation/construction business. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity by beginning to implement permaculture practices and to use it as a model for the region as well as an alternative to the current mass GMO Agriculture in the area. I would love to take a Permaculture Design Course asap, but lacking the funds to do so. I am open to suggestions.


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