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Dasha Tilleul
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Perth, ON, Canada
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Cold Temperate
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About Dasha Tilleul

Dasha was born in Siberia, USSR (presently Russia). As a child she loved to read books on animals, the environment and at some point kept snails as pets. Since then Dasha has gained broad experience of Academic education with a strong focus on Women's Studies, work in environmental NGO, International Agricultural company, Management consulting and running her own entrepreuneral activities. In 2005 Daria began a transformational journey inspired by Ringing Cedars Series. She likes to refer to herself with a name she coined: Vedmama which translates as Vedaushaya Mat’ (rus) - a wise and intuitive mother.

Dasha is a mother of two brilliant little girls and a devoted partner to Sebastien Armand. Together we are Agapé Gardens.

Agape Gardens is a socially innovative eco-enterprise situated in rural Perth, On (Canada). We are in the Phase I of creating an Agro Ecological (permaculture) system which will evolve into a sustainable food base, a learning centre and a retreat.


Spiritual Permaculture

Anastasia has transformed thousands of lives with just one book series. The Russian Eco movement now comprises of over 200 eco villages and growing! Find out what this is all about, or strengthen your passion by uniting with the Anastasia community here i

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