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Chad Dewtie
Barneys River, nova scotia, Canada
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Cold Temperate

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Chadberry Hills

Chadberry Hills

Barneys River, CA


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Canary Farm Permaculture Institute
Ian Corporon Melanie Greening Peter Dowd Soterios Hatzikirou
Geoff Lawton
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About Chad Dewtie

I grew up in a small community out side of new Glasgow, Nova Scotia. I've worked on farms and blueberries my hole life. I've been to SMU where I studied philosophy and English. Then transferred to NSCAD. It took me time to gather the pieces of the puzzle and fit them back together. The system we live and it's effect on the world is based on lies, false hope and idols of consumerism. Permaculture, gives me the hope I need. Can't picture doing anything else with my life.
I first heard of permaculture through an old family friend when staying with him and his wife. I quickly realized that permaculture is the way to fill the hole in my heart that our current world stole. I have became obsessed with learning all I can about this alternative lifestyle and hope to make many new like minded friends.

I'm 25, I have started construction of my permaculture site in September 2012. So much work to do! I welcome it with wide arms. Help is needed, and welcome. I can offer food and a place to stay for anyone that is interested. I own a 50 acre plot witch has 14 acres of blue berries. I will be starting my food forest in the up coming year.

After I get things established I want to spend my winters in other countries helping greening the deserts and feeding people.

Feel free to contact me.


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Aid worker Member I'm male, single, and looking for a permaculture partner

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