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Simon Blackwell
Watton, Norfolk, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate
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About Simon Blackwell

I am not a Permaculture Designer or qualified in anyway what so ever to do with anything related to Permaculture!

To use a phrase from my days in sales, this lack of education is my USP (Unique Selling Point).

My goal is to shoot a TV series about Permaculture, in which I will be the crash test dummy.

I will be put through a Permaculture Design Diploma course, and then I will film my attempts to turn my cramped gardens into bountiful and varied plots that will serve the needs of my family, friends and neighbours.

As I progress I will move out into my community and film other people and groups doing similar things with their gardens and communal spaces.

Eventually I will travel all over the world meeting and bringing into the public's view, the people that are taking to Permaculture as a way of subverting the crises that they face everyday.

I am a way off being able to commission the series as I am yet to receive any interest from a Production company, but I am willing to talk to anyone who thinks that they may be able to help.

Oh, and I once appeared on series two of The Great British Bake Off, and I am a self taught Cob Oven builder.


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